Woman Entrepreneur 1: Foundation

Achieve a dream life through business and personal development!

Lay the foundation for your dream life through business and personal development. This course is ideal for those women who are tired of just thinking about launching a business. They are ready to DO IT.


Our mission

is to empower women
with the




and success

Our mission is to empower women

Our mission is to provide business and personal development courses for aspiring female business owners to fill that gap. We know that succeeding in just one sphere doesn’t lead to fulfillment or happiness, and that’s why we’ve shaped our courses to teach you how to strike the perfect balance between your business and personal life.

Business       Ideas for   Women

A successful business shouldn’t have to come at the cost of putting the rest of your life on hold. No matter how big or small your business is, we believe you can be successful and happy on all fronts at the same time. We’re here to inspire a new wave of bright and confident women entrepreneurs. Our team of experts have spent months creating and testing these courses to ensure that you receive the best possible education.

Business Ideas for Women

New level of thinking

New level of thinking

This course isn’t a compilation of “nice-to-know” lessons that will leave you wondering how exactly you’re supposed to implement them into your life. But rather, it’s a system, a whole educational method that will inspire a new level of thinking and fresh approach to your business and personal life.

This is a platform that will lead you all the way. From dream to reality.

How it works

Business-life balance

Business and personal development are focused on equally. Learn the ins-and-outs of launching a business while developing into a more confident and well-rounded woman. Business-life balance is everything for us.

Available online

The approximate completion time is 3 months (12 weeks). It’s a complete foundational course with more than 100 lessons in business and life. It’s a great course for those who just starting out and making first steps.

12 weeks of harmony

The approximate completion time is 3 months (12 weeks). It’s a complete foundational course with more than 100 lessons in business and life. It’s a great course for those who just starting out and making first steps.

Available 24/7

Are you in another time-zone? Or a steadfast night-owl? No worries! We know convenience is everything, so we’ve made the course available 24/7. Hop onto the platform at any time to catch-up and perform tasks.

Exclusive access to the OWB community

You will gain exclusive access to the OWB community, an environment for female entrepreneurs to support and cheer each other on. No matter how tough the journey gets, this community will not give up on you!

Force you

You will put into practice everything you learn. This course isn’t a textbook – it won’t just provide you will an arsenal of knowledge without any applicable steps. It will force you into action to immediately apply what you learn.

Business path

In the course you are going to take
  • Build a company
  • Utilize Effective Marketing
  • Activate Lead Flow
  • Crush Sales
  • Build a Team
Business path

Personal development path

  • Boost your self-confidence
  • Transform your attitude
  • Create a healthy environment
  • Overcome fears
  • Boost your energy and love of life
Personal development path


Reach your own full potential.


A foundation is the basis for everything that you do. It’s a system of principles and knowledge that inspire the decisions you make.

Business - 61 lessons

Holes, or shortcomings, in the foundation of a business prevent it from generating good revenues, implementing efficient processes and systems, and growing at a consistent rate. A business built on a solid foundation is 10 times more likely to succeed.

Niche selection Market analysis Business model Naming Target audience Marketing Offline marketing Online marketing Traffic Content marketing Affiliate Marketing Social Media Website Delegation

Personal Development - 46 lessons

Life is a reflection of the foundation of beliefs and principles you build for yourself. Changing your reality starts with changing your mindset. You hold all the power already, now learn to use it!

Your dream path Point “A” and point “B” Keys to exit the comfort zone Goals Motivation Inspiration Environment Life of an entrepreneur Business energy Principles and values Health and habits Self-confidence Relationship to the environment Fears and doubts Performance

Business Bonus Style + Business Bonus Style + Business Bonus Style +

Success: Looking the part: makeup, hair, skin care

Fashion and apparel

The reality you want and deserve is within reach. We help fill the voids in your foundation to get you there.

What you get

  • More than 100 lessons on business and
    personal development within 12 modules
  • 55 actionable tasks (homework)
  • Access to the private chat with curators and classmates
  • One-on-one curator support for your homework
  • Membership in the “women in business” movement


Branded course

"Style + Business"

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Our promise to you: We will do everything we can for you to thrive in life as well as in business