Nina Mua - Founder

I absolutely loved my career but started feeling the need for new challenges. When I was invited to New York Fashion Week one year, I knew that I had found the next phase of my career. The city blew my mind because of how diverse and unique it was. I took a leap of faith and moved to New York. I wanted a challenge, and this was it! Cultural, societal, and language barriers were difficult to adapt to, but I told myself that I would stay and succeed in New York City.

I could easily credit my success to luck and good timingsuccess

But I believe daily execution of your ideas and investing into your project leads to success sooner or later. Hard work is what will bring you both good luck and perfect timing. Most importantly, make sure you are providing a fantastic product or service and that your customers are satisfied.

My long-term life mission is to help women change their lives by providing them the knowledge, skills, tools, and inspiration to pursue their dreams.
Her work was published in Vogue and Glamour

Nina Mua work in Vogue and Glamour

Hard Work

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Nina Mua

"It has never been easy for women to juggle a brilliant career and a paradise family life. But I pretend that I’m not afraid, I’ve learned from life to fake it until I make it. Always remember to sort out your priorities and make some time for yourself."

Business & family

While juggling two businesses, motherhood, and life in NYC, Nina noticed that more and more women were asking her how she did it all β€” a blissful family, a rewarding career and some solitude to find some time for yourself.

Nina’s philosophy is simple, she’s built her dream life and believes every woman has the power to reach her own full potential as well.

Nina Mua business family success
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We help women to believe in themselves, their own strengths, inspire ourselves to do our own thing, keeping the balance between business and life.
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