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Online Women Biz is an online learning platform designed for aspiring business women who aim to create a purpose-driven and viable business while also focusing on their self-development. Wherever you are in your journey, starting out at square-one or figuring out how to scale, we are here to guide you with:

Identifying your unique strengths and goals Finding your niche Developing a business model and plan Identifying a target audience Figuring out how to start, step-by-step Determining financial goals Maximizing your sales funnels for increased revenue Navigating online and offline marketing Effectively managing the balance between life and business Building self-confidence and positive mindsetsOvercoming fears and doubts

We know the number of long hours and even longer years it takes to get a business you love and are proud of up-and-running. We know that it takes courage, belief, and skill to build a successful business and that the path isn’t a straight one but rather a series for ups and downs. It can all be overwhelming. OWB will help you build your business foundation from scratch and patch up any holes that exist if you’re already a business owner. Our courses require work and commitment. What you put in is what you get out.

How is OWB different than other online courses?

A successful business shouldn’t have to come at the cost of putting the rest of your life on hold! That’s why we’ve built our program as a unique blend of business training and self-development. OWB is packed with practical and action-driven information that will have you working towards developing your business from day one. At the same time, we want to make sure you are developing other skill sets that are just as important to your business as they are to your happiness.Spending a lot of time on “life” topics does not make this course less important and serious than others. On the contrary, talking about fears, doubts, and uncertainties will make it deeper and more effective than any other business course.Our programs lead you to a new level of thinking that will help you create the results you want.

What will I learn?

The curriculum for each course is available on the course pages. Our program is a unique intersection of business and personal development topics. We believe that one doesn’t work without the other. Talking about and learning how to deal with fears, doubts, and uncertainties makes OWB deeper and more effective than any other business course. This course will partly consist of stories. It is through stories that we can understand ideas, concepts, and motivation in their depths.
Most importantly, you will develop new skills and competencies. By “putting pen to paper,” each lesson will have you taking small steps in developing your business. At the end of the program, you will look back at all you have done and see a clear and defined vision and plan for finally launching or growing your business.

Will I get a certificate?

No. Our goal is to assist you in launching and developing your business. Certificates don’t help much with that.

Will I speak with or get feedback directly from Nina?

One of the extraordinary things about OWB is the amount of access you receive to the creator of the courses! You will be able to ask Nina questions as you complete your course. She will host live sessions on the Facebook group page as well as in-person Q&A sessions. Right now, these in-person sessions are limited to NYC, but we are looking to add more cities in the future. Can’t make it to NYC? Don’t fret. Nina will also participate in one-on-one Facetime sessions with students.

Do I need to physically attend classes?

The standard completion time for our courses is 3 months. We know life comes up and your time commitments vary from week to week, so we encourage you to create a study schedule that fits around your work and family life.
You will have lifetime access to the course, so you can work through the lessons at your own pace. In fact, we recommend not rushing through lessons and truly learning the material to build an understanding.
Some lessons include homework assignments, which will be graded. They test your comprehension of concepts, and you will only be able to move onto the next lesson once you pass an assignment with a satisfactory grade.
But don’t worry! Our curators and OWB community are there to help you with anything you get caught up on.
Just like with anything in life, the more work you put into OWB, the greater your results will be. Other factors that affect how much time you’ll need to complete OWB include:
  • How far along you already are in building your business
  • How carefully and thoughtfully you complete your homework assignments
  • Whether or not you take into consideration curators’ comments on assignments
  • Whether or not you utilize the OWB community and curators for support
Taking shortcuts and hastily moving through lessons will just end up costing you more time and effort in the long run. We’ve created this program to transfer to you the knowledge most entrepreneurs spend years learning through their own mistakes. Running a business is a lifelong journey. We’ll help you take your first steps.

What’s not covered in the program?

We don’t cover or advise on any legal, tax, or business liability topics.

How is OWB different from free online resources?

There is an endless stream of information available on the internet covering every topic imaginable. You can easily find hundreds of resources on business and personal development with a quick Google search.
But without structure, a process, or a plan to put that information into action, it is useless.
We offer a step-by-step resource to make sure you are receiving the knowledge you need and applying it effectively and efficiently. OWB is an educational system and environment that will guide and shape you into the businesswoman you are meant to be.

How do you support students?

The support offered by OWB is one of our defining factors. We work hard to make sure you never feel left alone during any part of your journey through the program.

OWB Curators and Coaches

Our curators and coaches are available to answer questions and provide feedback throughout the duration of your program. They will assess your homework assignments and work with you to make sure you are mastering the concepts.


We have created a private Facebook group for the participants of this course. This is an important tool that will allow you to communicate on any topic, share your success, and support each other. You will have the opportunity to learn more effectively as you share your knowledge and gain more insights from your fellow classmates.
The environment surrounding you directly and strongly affects your success. People around you can support your ideas, give you suggestions to make these ideas more successful, and motivate you to move forward even when nothing seems to be working.

Customer Support

We want to make sure everything goes smoothly for you and that any questions or issues are taken care of quickly. Email us at and we’ll help you as soon as we can. Our team is available M-F, from 9am – 5pm Eastern US time.

Who is a good fit for the program

OWB is for small business owners and entrepreneurs, whether they are just starting out or already established.
It’s also for those women who have big ideas and even bigger desires but realize they still need to gain the skills and confidence to finally transform their ideas into reality.
No matter what industry you are in or want to be in, the fundamentals of starting and growing a thriving business are the same. The lessons you learn, whether they are about public speaking or customer service, will apply to any field, anywhere in the world.

Who’s not right for this program?

We realize that everyone’s needs are different and although our courses are exactly what some people need, they aren’t right for everyone.
OWB isn’t a good fit if you are looking for:
  • A personal business coach
  • Assistance with legal and tax setups
  • Technical information about production and supply chains
  • An instant “get rich” program (don’t be fooled, they don’t exist!)

Can I enroll in an OWB course if I don’t own a business?

Absolutely! You can work through all the OWB lessons without having a business yet. This will serve as a perfect planning stage and will teach you how to do everything right the first time when you finally do launch your business.

Is OWB just for women?

Yes. Our programs are designed with women and their specific business and personal development needs in mind.

Can my partner and I take OWB together?

OWB is designed to be completed individually. If you have a business partner that is interested in going through it as well, you can enroll separately and support each other along the way.

Will this program work for my industry?

No matter the industry, if you’re selling something, OWB will work for you.
Our students come from a wide range of backgrounds and run businesses in a multitude of industries.
The fundamentals of communication, marketing, sales funnels, and customer experiences are needed in every trade and niche you can possibly imagine. The rules of the game in today’s digital market are the same regardless of industry

What if I don’t live in the USA?

Our programs are available to students regardless of location. The knowledge and skills you gain will be applicable globally.

How much technical computer knowledge do I need to participate in OWB?

Very minimal! Our course platform is intuitive and easy to use. We will provide you with assistance and guidance should you have any issues.

Tuition & Guarantee

How much does an OWB course cost?

Each course has an enrollment fee of $999.
This payment is an investment in your business. The more you commit yourself to this investment, the more payback will you see.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes. We offer a full refund within 21 days of starting an OWB program. If you feel like a course isn’t right for you, simply send us an email within those 21 days, and you will receive a full and complete refund.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Not at the moment, but we will in the future.

Do you offer scholarships?

Not at the moment, but we will most likely offer scholarships in the future.

More questions?

Shoot us a note at and we’ll be happy to answer them for you.


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