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Our coaching programs are specifically tailored for women and the full lives they lead. We aim to empower womenโ€™s unique strengths and approaches to entrepreneurship while building a strong business foundation.

The Women of Success

Lay the foundation for your dream life through business and personal development. This course is ideal for those women who are tired of just thinking about launching a business. They are ready to DO IT.

Our mission is to empower women with the knowledge, confidence, and inspiration to not just enter the business world but thrive in it. We know that succeeding in just one sphere doesnโ€™t lead to fulfillment or happiness, and thatโ€™s why weโ€™ve shaped our courses to teach you how to strike the perfect balance between your business and personal life.

The Women of Success

Business and Personal Life

As an entrepreneur, you must know a little bit of everything, because the more you know, the easier life will be. You can definitely outsource or delegate those tasks, but you should still know the basics and be able to recognize quality work from others.

Combine hard work with the right mentality and itโ€™s a winning formula. A positive mind set and the drive to continue on no matter how many times you fall and how many people doubt you is indispensable. Set detailed goals and visualize where you want to go with your business. Once the end is clear to you, charting a path forward becomes much simpler.

We help women to find balance
Online Women Biz We help women to find balance

Meet our team

Nina Mua - Founder

Every single person has a natural entrepreneurial skill. After years of experience as an international makeup artist, I used my business savvy to recognize gaps in makeup artist education. I started the Nina Mua Makeup School in 2014 to meet an underserved need for quality and affordable makeup artistry education. My mission is to help people change their lives by providing them the knowledge, skills and inspiration. More about NinaInstagram: @ninamua
Nina Mua Online Women Biz

Anela Perviz โ€“ Coach

With a masterโ€™s degree in marketing, Anela has done the whole business school thing and can recognize a quality education program when she sees it. After spending years in the corporate world with some of Americaโ€™s largest companies, sheโ€™s decided to dedicate her marketing experience and business know-how to work that truly matters. Here at Online Women Biz, sheโ€™s constantly crafting content and coaching students to make sure they are crushing their courses. Exposed to entrepreneurship from an early age, Anela knows the freedom creating your dream life brings and is dedicated to helping every woman achieve her dream. Instagram: @anelaperviz
Anela Perviz Online Women Biz




Woman Entrepreneur
1: Foundation
A foundation is the basis for everything that you do. Itโ€™s a system of principles and knowledge that inspire the decisions you make.
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Woman Entrepreneur
2: Growth
We help women to believe in themselves, their own strengths, inspire ourselves to do our own thing, keeping the balance between business and life.
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